Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching

Through systemic coaching, I accompany change processes. On an individual level, for example preparing for a deployment abroad, questions of identity often arise: How do I behave in a foreign culture? What does cultural integration mean? How do I deal with culture shock?

At the level of multinational organizations, processes of change management are usually in the foreground. For example, when companies are brought together, systemic coaching can promote the integration of the different organizational cultures or accompany the development of a new corporate vision and mission statement.

Systemic coaching in the context of intercultural management and DE&I can be effective in the following situations:

Employees and managers:

  • Expatriate preparation
  • Understanding culture shock and coping with it
  • Professional reorientation and career decisions
  • Cultural integration
  • Personal strategy development for professional and private challenges
  • Vision work
  • Mastering professional and personal crises and developing solutions

Companies and organizations:

  • Change management
  • Development or change of a corporate mission statement
  • Facilitating the willingness to change
  • Recognizing resistance and forming new paths for those involved
  • Communication and/or cooperation issues in the team/group/within hierarchies
  • Team development
  • Communication and/or cooperation issues with individual employees or customers