Methods & training style

Methods & training style

I believe that people learn best through experience. That’s why I work with interactive formats in my workshops and live webinars – individually customized to your needs, well-founded and sustainable.

Acquired thought patterns cannot simply be stripped away. My training offers the participants the opportunity to deal with their own unconscious bias, to leave their comfort zone and to try out alternative ways of behaving. In this way, what is learned can be put into practice immediately.

I coach both face-to-face and online. Virtual training formats are particularly successful in global, cross-cultural contexts because participants from different continents can easily be brought together, and learn in the exact same environment in which they work together digitally every day.

And this is what my customers say:

“Dear Mala, you have been an integral part of our program for 7 years. The training sessions with you are lively and exciting both in presence and online. You motivate the groups to immediately try out what was learned. The participants incorporate the knowledge gained directly into their everyday work. In this way, the knowledge remains available in the long term. We are happy to have you as a facilitator.”


“The training was great fun. Mala Ullal really is a fascinating trainer. She can describe the aspects so vividly and colorfully from her wealth of experience. She had the large group under control and knew how to involve all participants again and again. I recommend Mala as trainer.”